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On Minecraft Whitelist servers you need to be approved on the server before you can join. Minecraft Servers use whitelist to ensure higher quality players on the servers. and stop griefers.

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184Legends of CallatosLegends of Callatos

Legends of Callatos is tagged as Whitelist server. Welcome to Legends of Callatos! We offer many gamemodes which provide endless fun for everyone including a whitelisted survival smp, guns factions, and much much more! Features: Whitelisted Surviv...


Cottagecraft is tagged as Whitelist server. **YOU MUST JOIN THE DISCORD TO BE WHITELISTED** Cottagecraft is a private whitelisted, semi-vanilla, survival cottagecore 1.18 Minecraft Java server for players aged 14-25. We are a friendly group of M...

272Pulscraft - Vanilla SMPPulscraft - Vanilla SMP

Pulscraft - Vanilla SMP is tagged as Whitelist server. Pulscraft is a small, completely vanilla, no-whitelist, SMP server. We have a nice and friendly community here. Rules: No Spamming No Hacking/cheating. No PvP(unless both players agree to it)....

279MyMinecraft - Enhanced...MyMinecraft - Enhanced Survival

MyMinecraft - Enhanced Survival is tagged as Whitelist server. li Monsters/Animals/PVP: Yes /li li Max Players: 200 /li li Server Mod: Bukkit /li li Active Forum!: http://www.myminecraft.com /li li TeamSpeak: myminecraft.com /li li...


Escapecraft is tagged as Whitelist server. Server IP: escapecraft.com No Whitelist Brand New Survival World Latest Spigot with dozens of plugins Friendly Staff & Community

363Myraeon Roleplay ServerMyraeon Roleplay Server

Myraeon Roleplay Server is tagged as Whitelist server. Note: PLEASE APPLY ON OUR WEBSITE TO BE WHITELISTED AS THIS IS A ROLEPLAY SERVER! Myraeon is a Minecraft server made to showcase the advanced features and exciting new developments that come w...


Helix is tagged as Whitelist server. Here at Helix we're truly diverse, playing host to players from many walks of life. We reach people from Hawaii all the way to Singapore, cultivating a server with energy that allows players to play the gam...

435Eternal SMPEternal SMP

Eternal SMP is tagged as Whitelist server. Welcome to Eternal SMP! A new whitelisted server with an old server vibe, experienced staff and a fun, drama-free community. A fully vanilla style SMP with as few plugins as possible, only to highlight th...


Dank is tagged as Whitelist server. Small Private Community looking for a few more trusted people to join. Whitelist only. Using the Latest version of MC.Eternal you can get it here - www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/minecraft-eternal


TrouvailleMC is tagged as Whitelist server. Welcome to TrouvailleMC! (pronounced true-vay) We're a semi-survival server with economy, player/server shops, strong community with over 60 people on discord. To join the server you need to make a w...

582A_hum MCA_hum MC

A_hum MC is tagged as Whitelist server. een survival server met whitelist. het is alleen bedoeld voor mensen die bij A'hum zitten. jhvjgvjhcurtchgfcvghvcxjhsfyugieygfiybiwuebgigfhberiufba


Constantiam is tagged as Whitelist server. Constantiam is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server running 1.10.2 (The latest version) with no whitelist. It has an infinite map size, no rules, no admin interference. There are no resets; the map is persiste...

680uncovery minecraftuncovery minecraft

uncovery minecraft is tagged as Whitelist server. Online since Oct 2010 100% Free, 247 prof. hosted server Stable mature community of all ages Protected 128x128 survival or creative lots Griefer idiot free Working economy skyblock, aether, endle...


sephger.de is tagged as Whitelist server. Hey hey you future players! We are an awesome Vanilla Server and in most areas without PvP. The Server is for all the Minecraft lovers who want to play with others. So its obvious that we want you to be ci...

690Z Server SMPZ Server SMP

Z Server SMP is tagged as Whitelist server. Z SERVER SMP [Proudly Online 9+ Years] [75+ Plugins] [No-Whitelist] [Dedicated 256GB of RAM, Intel Xeon 16c/32t] Z Server SMP is a Minecraft server that strives to be the best of the best. You can build ...


SheepServer is tagged as Whitelist server. SheepServer - Minecraft the way it was intended. - 100% legit Survival World - Grief proof and cool Creative world - Challenging home-built Adventure map - Awesome Games world with lots of home made redst...

731VentureKraft SMPVentureKraft SMP

VentureKraft SMP is tagged as Whitelist server. WELCOME TO THE VENTUREKRAFT COMMUNITY Join our adventure together as a community! When you join VentureKraft, youre joining more than just an ordinary Minecraft server. You become part of an amazing ...


zwolf.tk is tagged as Whitelist server. zWolf.tk (o zwolfcraft) nasce con lo scopo di essere una piccola community di giocatori di Minecraft a cui piacciono gli aspetti pi tranquilli e creativi del gioco. zWolf.tk un server Vanilla whitelistato ge...

770Ilu Ambar - Quenta ArdaIlu Ambar - Quenta Arda

Ilu Ambar - Quenta Arda is tagged as Whitelist server. A LOTRmodded minecraft server providing a gameplay environment aimed at long-term immersive roleplay survival, with focus on custom in-character roleplay, building, PvE and consented PvP, for ...


Casual-Craft is tagged as Whitelist server. Casual-Craft is a relaxed Minecraft community created for players by players. We allow AFK farms and contraptions to be built on the server and feature a growing spawn filled with player shops. The casua...

778Abyss Semi-VanillaAbyss Semi-Vanilla

Abyss Semi-Vanilla is tagged as Whitelist server. The AbyssMC is a semi-vanilla server which is focused on trust within our own community. We do not have any claims plugin, or chest protection plugins, or even a whitelist or a greylist; instead, w...

803Aussie HermitcrabsAussie Hermitcrabs

Aussie Hermitcrabs is tagged as Whitelist server. Description: Aussie Hermitcrabs is a Hermit Craft-style semi-vanilla SMP based in Australia. Weve recently started a new world for 1.18 so were looking for some new members to kick off a new advent...

816Cartman2000s Minecraft...Cartman2000s Minecraft Server

Cartman2000s Minecraft Server is tagged as Whitelist server. Multiple worlds, Main world is a 1.10 world, the guest world is a 1.7 world. The server has been running since december of 2010. Nice and friendly admins. The server also has griefer pro...


Cottagecraft is tagged as Whitelist server. **YOU MUST JOIN THE DISCORD TO BE WHITELISTED** Cottagecraft is a private whitelisted, semi-vanilla, survival cottagecore 1.16.4 Minecraft Java server for anyone over 14 and under 25! We are a friendly...

945RawMinecraft 2.0RawMinecraft 2.0

RawMinecraft 2.0 is tagged as Whitelist server. Original Mojang server file, Vanilla SMP for builders. Share your screenshots on http://rawminecraft.com/ . It may be a new ip address but it's the same old world builds we know love seeing. ...


How do I find the Best Whitelist Minecraft Servers?

Since there are so many Minecraft Whitelist servers around the world to choose from, you're probably asking yourself how do you know where you can get the Best Whitelist Minecraft Servers? Here you can find Whitelist servers sorted by a number of connected players and votes, you can also vote for Minecraft Servers and claim in-game rewards.