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Minecraft Realms servers are Multiplayer servers run by players, for the most part those servers are not very large and are operated by one person.

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MCPrison is tagged as Realms server. MCPrison is the first custom aquatic prison experience set in Minecraft version 1.17. Our server offers many unique features including; Backpacks and Backpack Enchantments, Enchantment Gemstones, Realms/Private...

162Player RealmsPlayer Realms

Player Realms is tagged as Realms server. Create your own server on Player Realms today! Customize it with tons of different plugins! Create anything from your own prison server to factions or maybe a minigame! There is no limit on plugins.


NobleRealms is tagged as Realms server. We have brand new Skyblock and Pixelmon servers, join today to take part in the fun! Hello user! If you are looking for a fun, eventful, friendly minecraft server look no further! This server includes a cust...

440Void RealmsVoid Realms

Void Realms is tagged as Realms server. Void Realms [1.8 - 1.17] Were a community oriented server that was created by the players, for the players. We offer traditional gamemodes with our own unique twist you wont find anywhere else. With constant...

492PartyRealms EarthPartyRealms Earth

PartyRealms Earth is tagged as Realms server. Come play with us! IP Address: partyrealms.com Discord: https://discord.partyrealms.com/ Website: https://partyrealms.com/ Rules: https://partyrealms.com/rules/ Map: https://partyrealms.com/map/ PartyR...


Shattered-Realms is tagged as Realms server. Shattered-Realms is a survival server started with the intention of modifying vanilla without forcing new over the top content, introducing new terrain and armour sets to the game without taking away th...

624Tropical ReaTropical Rea

Tropical Rea is tagged as Realms server. TR is a new 1.16 server dedicated to creating an active friendly environment around the globe. We offer an Earth experience like no other, featuring a committed community and staff team to guide the way to ...

666Realms of SabrimRealms of Sabrim

Realms of Sabrim is tagged as Realms server. Realms of Sabrim is the roleplay and worldbuilding experience built for one thing - fun! Our server offers many unique features such as a custom map, player made dungeons, custom recipes, Towny, an acti...


MCRealms is tagged as Realms server. MCRealms is a new Minecraft server working on delivering unique content, custom features, and a great community to all of our players. Come along and play on a 1:500 Minecraft Earth Map. A few features include:...


RoyalRealms is tagged as Realms server. RoyalRealms [Version 1.17+] IP: us.RoyalRealms.net Store: store.RoyalRealms.net Discord: https://discord.gg/bhSqZG3MYw RoyalRealms Survival: A rapidly growing community that offers an extremely Unique surviv...


DestinyRealms is tagged as Realms server. DestinyRealms - Server IP: play.destinyrealms.net - Edition: Java 1.8 - 1.17.1 - What we offer: Gamemodes: OPPrison - RPG Skyblock - Survival - Active Staff - Good Performance - 24/7 Support - Events - Onl...


Sirius is tagged as Realms server. Sirius Realms is a unique Minecraft RP worldbuilding server focused around geopolitics and the creation of nations. Set in the custom world of Sirius, players are free to shape history as they please. Players are...

1145Mythic Realms ArathiaMythic Realms Arathia

Mythic Realms Arathia is tagged as Realms server. Mythic Realms: Arathia is survival ,worldbuilding, towny based server where players are in charge of creating their own stories. -Why would you join? If you like to build, roleplay, or just make fr...

1410Anchor RealmsAnchor Realms

Anchor Realms is tagged as Realms server. [b]Anchor Realms[/b] Welcome to Anchor Realms! This is a custom survival experience with an endless amount of features for you all to enjoy. This is a family friendly server where we strive to bring the co...

1512Pure RealmsPure Realms

Pure Realms is tagged as Realms server. Start your Journey TODAY! Pure Realms is a network of fresh and lag-free Minecraft servers. Pure Realms has been around for over 5 years, therefore our management team has unique skills to bring all of our w...


Avalon-MC is tagged as Realms server. [h3]Realms of Avalon[/h3] A small community based Towny server. We put community first with game and economy balance as a close second! Adult owned an operated, appropriate for all ages. Experienced staff read...


CivRealms is tagged as Realms server. [VERSION 1.12.2] CivRealms Minecraft encourages players to form and act out dynamic politics in a sandbox world with limited resources. Our plugins allow players police each other and reasonably fortify their ...

1894MC RealmsMC Realms

MC Realms is tagged as Realms server. McRealms was created with one thing in mind - Minecraft. - Player Shops | Anybody and everybody is allowed to create their own shop - Player Warps | Once you are a Nomad (play for one hour), you can create pub...


LucidPvP is tagged as Realms server. LucidPvP is a unique OP factions server with 10+ custom features, realms, bosses, a rank ladder, tokens, envoys, custom creeper eggs, 1.7 raiding, shop GUI, koths and much more!

2447Infinity RealmsInfinity Realms

Infinity Realms is tagged as Realms server. Infinity Realms. Join Now! Looking for new Staff!, voting! /vote, apply at /warp apply, 1 Donor rank out!, speak to the staff if you wish to purchase the rank!. 3 Gamemodes: Survival, Creative, and Survi...

2762Rocky Road RealmsRocky Road Realms

Rocky Road Realms is tagged as Realms server. Rocky Road Realms is an Australian based minecraft community. We run a single mod-free spigot/bukkit survival server, with a variety of plugins to suit an enhanced roleplay gaming experience. The main ...

2775Eternal RealmsEternal Realms

Eternal Realms is tagged as Realms server. Welcome to Eternal Realms! We here at Eternal Realms are dedicated to create an amazing community that you can come join us on and play to your hearts content, where everyones voice is heard and listened ...


SkyRealms is tagged as Realms server. Join SkyRealms, the most popular Skyblock server around! Build your unique sky realm, invite your friends, upgrade your gear and much much more! Get started today! IP: play.skyrealms.games MC Version: 1.12

2796The Aged RealmsThe Aged Realms

The Aged Realms is tagged as Realms server. [Staff Needed] Aged Realms Is A Slimefun Towny Server With Custom Terrain And Lots Of Fully Configured Plugins To Make Your Experience With Us More Fun. The Staff Team Is Very Professional And Is Willing...


BartyRealms is tagged as Realms server. Come play with us! IP Address: bartyrealms.com Discord: https://discord.bartyrealms.com/ Website: https://bartyrealms.com/ Rules: https://bartyrealms.com/rules/ Map: https://bartyrealms.com/map/ BartyRealms ...


How do I find the Best Realms Minecraft Servers?

Since there are so many Minecraft Realms servers around the world to choose from, you're probably asking yourself how do you know where you can get the Best Realms Minecraft Servers? Here you can find Realms servers sorted by a number of connected players and votes, you can also vote for Minecraft Servers and claim in-game rewards.