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Check out new Minecraft Servers on our list. New servers that were just recently added to the server list include brand new servers as well as older servers that were not listed before. Most of the new servers are looking for new staff members, especially if they were just released.

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1329Sunrise City ServerSunrise City Server

New server Sunrise City Server was added 2 days ago. Welcome to Sunrise City Server! Versions: 1.17.1 - 1.19.2 (Main version is 1.17.1) Anyone is welcome! We are a small community that would like to expand. We are currently in development, so we a...

178Super NoobSuper Noob

New server Super Noob was added 6 days ago. Super Noob is a chill survival Minecraft server, everything can be grief protected, and the staff are friendly and helpful. We do our best to preserve your semi-Vanilla survival experience. We don't ...

93DeathZone Network | Be...DeathZone Network | Bedrock: 19132

New server DeathZone Network | Bedrock: 19132 was added 1 week ago. 🌟 ¿BUSCANDO UN SERVIDOR QUE MEJORE TU CONEXIÓN Y FPS? DEATHZONE NETWORK 🌟 » Survival 1.19 [1.7x - 1.19x] » Survival Earth 1.19 [1.7x - 1.19x] » Skyblock 1.19 [1.7x - 1....


New server Minelife was added 1 week ago. Minelife is an old Minecraft server community that has been around for 9 years with players from all over the world. If you're looking for a great place to just relax with your friends, then this is th...

944Pure ServerPure Server

New server Pure Server was added 3 weeks ago. Constant updates with new content and bugfixes Survival as base, plots for homes, various modifications to try to merge plots with survival world such as teleporting entities with, for example, boats t...


New server drillhc was added 1 month ago. Drillhc to najlepszy serwer minecraft anarchy!


New server SkyGenerators was added 1 month ago. SkyGenerators Welcome to a new generator server, we keep a friendly community and a ton of special features and plugins. We try to make your gameplay and stay as good as possible. Features 💰 - A s...

212No nameNo name

New server No name was added 1 month ago. Currently only a chill 1.19.2 (java and bedrock) survival server with Terralith, lifesteal and some other nice plugins


New server VanillaLandy was added 1 month ago. This is VanillaLandy (VL) you can have fun here with small community and not a lot of people. It's a friendly server and not a allowed to grief or kill people (Kills only on events). So if you lik...


New server was added 1 month ago. -DESCRIPCION GENERAL: -NO PREMIUM - GRATIS! RAREITEMHUNTER,SLIMEFUN:(ElectricSpawners, SensibleToolbox, ExoticGarden, SlimeXpansion) -DANGEON DE VERDAD con elytras y dragon! aquí lo podréis MATAR!! ...


New server Kalcon was added 1 month ago. Kalcon es una Network basada en Bedrock Edition con Cross-Version en el que reside una pequeña comunidad de jugadores. Todo esto con tecnologías experimentales para mejorar el juego, tales como un Server ...


New server natureplexcraft was added 1 month ago. this map is Earth Map 1:1000 Scale . explore and make your city bigger and better and showing us you're awesome builds. we can't wait to see you on there. LINKS http://map.natureplexcraft.c...

1206Anarchy MC | Sons of A...Anarchy MC | Sons of Anarchy

New server Anarchy MC | Sons of Anarchy was added 1 month ago. Hello! I present to your attention Anarchy MC 1.19.2. This Minecraft server was created recently, it is just getting started. What can you see on our server? Pleasant gameplay with a b...


New server Vyro was added 2 months ago. Minecraft Survival with plugins, economy, shops, and much more, version 1.19 Join for a fun experience, weekly events and many other fun stuff!

1462TelestraMC FactionsTelestraMC Factions

New server TelestraMC Factions was added 2 months ago. Welcome to TelestraMC Factions a New and Improved Faction Server with a WAR, Vaults, and Customizable Crates! Currently it support 1.19 servers but as of next week there will be [1.7-1.19] Sup...


New server Brithnobar was added 4 months ago. A Creative Plot Server with 128x and 64x Plots, Access to World Edit, Voxelsniper, Arceon, GoBrush and GoPaint in the plot worlds, Hosted in NZ so those who are frustrated by high ping on most build se...


New server Itera was added 5 months ago. Anarchy Server for SEA. Minecraft Server with no rules. Selamat Datang di Itera Indonesia! Itera Indonesia adalah server Minecraft Anarkis. Yang berarti tidak ada peraturan saat bermain di server tersebut. ...

961NextLevel Skyblock-Fac...NextLevel Skyblock-Factions

New server NextLevel Skyblock-Factions was added 5 months ago. FACTIONS,SKYBLOCK 1.8 server Factions with,raid,spawners,pvp and so much more RPG headrankup system coming soon /Warp shop,/Warp pvp /Warp crates and much more! join now and do /kit st...

1301Craftergang Best Cityb...Craftergang Best Citybuild Network

New server Craftergang Best Citybuild Network was added 5 months ago. + Was wir dir so alles bieten knnen: Citybuilds: - Cooler auergewhnlicher Citybuild (Mit Auergewhnlichen Funktionen) - Alle Rnge free to Play! - Unser Citybuild ist anders mit v...

1451Defcon Movecraft war f...Defcon Movecraft war factions

New server Defcon Movecraft war factions was added 5 months ago. DISCORD DEFCON Stake Your Claim The world of DEFCON is yours for the taking! Recruit some friends and organize your own country on a map of earth. Rule a c...


New server PixelJourney was added 5 months ago. Attention: This game is in Alpha testing! We need Alpha/Beta testers, Developers, Builders, Moderators/Admins, Helpers, and many more roles need to be filled. People that help with these roles and st...


New server OutlaCraft was added 5 months ago. A Legit Survival Server Where You Can Do [Almost] Whatever You Desire. [Note] This Server Has Some Plugins But Only A Few.

786AMS Percy JacksonAMS Percy Jackson

New server AMS Percy Jackson was added 5 months ago. AMS Networks is a fun and interactive Percy Jackson Roleplay Server. We have: - Frequent Roleplays - The possibility for players to be a Greek demigod, Roman demigod, or even a demi-titan! - Uni...


New server EagleCraftNetwork was added 5 months ago. Hello and welcome to our server, here you can find a few gamemodes like: SkyBlock, Factions, Prison and Parkour. And a few more gamemodes will come later as we progress as a server. We have an a...


New server PolarPvP was added 5 months ago. A KitPvP server that has just recently started, we have nice and fun staff. A good map to PvP on and to simply just have fun!