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Modded Minecraft servers are far from your average Minecraft server, with custom Modpack they implement features you could only dream about in vanilla.

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Pokecentral is tagged as Modded server. #1 Minecraft Modded Pixelmon Server Join us on our new, fresh map! We reset on July 1st. Enjoy plenty space to build! Install Pixelmon and connect easily using our Technic Modpack! Download Pixelmon Here: ht...


Solar-MC is tagged as Modded server. Server Currently [1.8 - 1.15] Solar Skyblock offers a captivating Skyblock experience by combining complex aspects of Java development and simplistic Minecraft gameplay in the form of island survival. Solar off...

337Sonic craftSonic craft

Sonic craft is tagged as Modded server. This is the sonic craft srever we are a 1.12.2 modded server and have a discord server

538BlizzardCraft NetworkBlizzardCraft Network

BlizzardCraft Network is tagged as Modded server. The BlizzardCraft Network is a 1.16.5 Minecraft Server network aimed at providing people of all ages an enjoyable experience. We offer 4 different servers to join on our network: - NeoTNT, A TNT Wa...

585ShadowRaptor NetworkShadowRaptor Network

ShadowRaptor Network is tagged as Modded server. We currently looking for Moderators for our SkyFactory 4, FTB StoneBlock 2, and FTB OceanBlock servers. We're accepting Admin applications as well VERY selectively.https://www.shadowraptornetwor...

702Floopy modded adventureFloopy modded adventure

Floopy modded adventure is tagged as Modded server. A modded survial world created my FloopyMooCow! Mods: [1.16.5]+SecurityCraft+v1.8.23.jar AutoRegLib-1.6-49.jar carryon-1.16.5- Quark-r2.4-319.jar serene seasons quark oddities tough ...

742Just Add BaconJust Add Bacon

Just Add Bacon is tagged as Modded server. Just Add Bacon is about adding bacon to everything...and having fun on Minecraft 1.8! Just Add Bacon Network currently has: Creative - 48x48 AND 128x128 plots. WorldEdit & VoxelSniper available! "...

787Andromeda NetworkAndromeda Network

Andromeda Network is tagged as Modded server. Andromeda Network is a collection of both modded and non-modded Minecraft servers! We are a small, growing community of players who have been together since 2013! Come join us today! We offer 24/7 serv...


BudderCraft is tagged as Modded server. Welcome to: BUDDERCRAFT A place where you can relax and just have fun, with the original feeling of Minecraft in tact Were a server dedicated to our player base and not straying away from what makes minecraf...

820NineYards Flan ServerNineYards Flan Server

NineYards Flan Server is tagged as Modded server. This is the NineYards Flans server. Join us at We currently offer shops, factions modded experience, and a wonderful community. Events and minigames are plentiful. With ...

869Sigma SMPSigma SMP

Sigma SMP is tagged as Modded server. A modded server. This modded survival world was originally for me and my friends but we would like to meet new people. This modpack contains mods such as Create, Powah!, Twilight Forest, Rats, Refined storage,...

938Havoc Empire ModdedHavoc Empire Modded

Havoc Empire Modded is tagged as Modded server. Welcome to Havoc Empire Modded! With tons to do and lots of amazing features including; Custom world generation, Custom Tags, Custom Music, Custom Animals and lots more. Come find out and get started...


RSAcraft is tagged as Modded server. Welcome to RSAcraft! What you will find on RSAcraft: Survival ( Economy, Claims, Massive Open World ) Factions ( Classic Factions On a Custom Generated World ) Creative ( Large Plots, WorldEdit Perks ) Skyblock...

972Drop BearDrop Bear

Drop Bear is tagged as Modded server. Drop Bear is among the new generation of minecraft servers with an innovative economy for cross server play and a constantly developing in-game experience. We offer: Slimefun: Modded vanilla minecraft with job...

980Quasar OnlineQuasar Online

Quasar Online is tagged as Modded server. RULES 1. No Griefing 2. NO DUPING 2a. No Hacking or modded Clients 3. No Xray 4. No trying to bypass plugin defaults 4a. No trying to exploit plugins! 5. No bullying, hate speech, harassment, or anything t...


Wizarnia is tagged as Modded server. We're a modded Minecraft server. Join our Discord for more info Required mods: (website is our modpack) Electroblob's Wizardry - Baubles - Antique Atlas - Sit - Better Swimming - Collective - End Reborn...


CreatureCraft is tagged as Modded server. Hello, my name is Water and I LOVE community, so I would like to invite you and all your friends to my server CreatureCraft is a modded community and pvp server. We also have clans, towns and kingdoms! Cre...

1118RupticMC | Vanilla &am...RupticMC | Vanilla & Modded

RupticMC | Vanilla & Modded is tagged as Modded server. Our server is dedicated to improving our players' gameplay by enhancing the regular Minecraft environment! We currently have two modded servers and a survival server that you all can ...

1139Super Fun TimeSuper Fun Time

Super Fun Time is tagged as Modded server. Super Fun Time is a community of players that enjoy to build, have fun, and occasionally fall in some lava by accident. Our servers (Survival, Creative, Pixelmon, SFTModded and others) are a great place t...

1260Earth RomaniaEarth Romania

Earth Romania is tagged as Modded server. Bine v-am gasit pe Earth Romania! Un server cu 3 categorii de tip Earth acelea find: Towny, Factions si Modded


WorldofFlans is tagged as Modded server. World of Flans is a Modded Faction Server With : EnderIO , Flans Mod , MCHeli , Mekanism , MineFactory-Reloaded , OpenBlocks , OpenMudularTurrets , Tinkers Contruct , Biomes o Planty Playable Ranks


Crapticraft is tagged as Modded server. This is a modded 1.9 - 1.16.5 vanilla server for modded vanilla people. The server features a buy and sell based item economy with the ability to purchase in game custom items and kit upgrades! The server al...

1424Ravage NetworkRavage Network

Ravage Network is tagged as Modded server. --------------------------------------------Ravage Network--------------------------------- Welcome this is Ravage Faction,Raiding,and PvP server All players are welcomed (BUT HACKERS OR MODDED MINECRAFT ...


Hetz is tagged as Modded server. Worldlandland is a Modded, 1.16.5, faction-oriented, industrial-focused, survival server with loose rules. Mods in the server include: Create(0.3.2f), Voice chat, MrCrayfish gun mod, MrCrayfish vehicle mod, Hidden ...

1459Manic-craft VanillaManic-craft Vanilla

Manic-craft Vanilla is tagged as Modded server. Manic has the choice for everything and everyone! Even Vanilla minecraft is a popular thing on our server. We just created a new world so the options are yours. You will spawn at a nice and easy vill...


How do I find the Best Modded Minecraft Servers?

Since there are so many Minecraft Modded servers around the world to choose from, you're probably asking yourself how do you know where you can get the Best Modded Minecraft Servers? Here you can find Modded servers sorted by a number of connected players and votes, you can also vote for Minecraft Servers and claim in-game rewards.