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Best 1.8.9 servers, browse top Minecraft servers running 1.8.9. Keep in mind that 1.8.9 Minecraft Servers can support multiple versions of Minecraft at the same time, but recommended to match your version with the one server is currently using.

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547Minecraft Breakdown Fl...Minecraft Breakdown Flans Mod Server

Minecraft Breakdown Flans Mod Server is running Minecraft 1.8.9. MINECRAFT BREAKDOWN - The best Flan's Mod experience you can imagine! Working on vanilla Forge 1.8 with vanilla Flan's Mod 5.3.1 with 100% self developed server plugins and a...


CelestialPvP is running Minecraft 1.8.9. Welcome to CelestialPvP, Server Links: Website: celestialpvp.net Forums: forums.celestialpvp.net Store: store.celestialpvp.net Voting Rewards: 2x Roulette Crystal (Tier 2) 2x Celestial Crate Key 1x Mystery ...