Minecraft 1.19 Servers

Best 1.19 servers, browse top Minecraft servers running 1.19. Keep in mind that 1.19 Minecraft Servers can support multiple versions of Minecraft at the same time, but recommended to match your version with the one server is currently using.

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Rank Name Server Players Status
776Super Noob

Super Noob is a chill survival Minecraft server, everything can be grief protected, and the staff are friendly and helpful. We do our best to preserve your semi-Vanilla survival experience. We don't allow raiding or griefing, which means all your builds are completely safe. If you like pure s...


-DESCRIPCION GENERAL: -NO PREMIUM - GRATIS! RAREITEMHUNTER,SLIMEFUN:(ElectricSpawners, SensibleToolbox, ExoticGarden, SlimeXpansion) -DANGEON DE VERDAD con elytras y dragon! aquí lo podréis MATAR!! -NETHER DE VERDAD cada día una aventura con whiter. -PLUGINS: HiveJumpPads, InvAbf, BarAPI, objabf,...

1097Pure Server

Constant updates with new content and bugfixes Survival as base, plots for homes, various modifications to try to merge plots with survival world such as teleporting entities with, for example, boats through worlds. Custom enchantments (launch wither heads, ender dragon fireballs, ...). Lapis min...