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SMP servers (Survival Multiplayer) usually have almost no plugins trying to replicate the Minecraft Vanilla experience.

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A remarkable server experience featuring trending game-modes such as Earth SMP, Oneblock, and much more. We pride ourselves on ensuring our players are well taken care of and our community is a non-toxic friendly place. Valatic game-modes are loaded with unique features as well as a lag free expe...

97LifeSteal SMP

Welcome to our fresh-made SMP server! About: You're probably thinking: Why is this server named like that? The answer is quite simple. This server is not just semi-vanilla, it's much harder than you think. Every time a player kills you, you'll lose one of your hearts and your killer e...


Want that classic SMP feel while experiencing one of the most balanced and intuitive player based economies ever made? The EcoSMP team is made up of real life economy experts and long-time Minecraft veterans dedicated to providing the best Minecraft experience possible. We'd love to invite yo...


Minelife is an old Minecraft server community that has been around for 9 years with players from all over the world. If you're looking for a great place to just relax with your friends, then this is the place. Java IP: Bedrock IP: - Port: 19132 At the moment ...


RamboMC Network [1.17.1] Hallo Minecrafters. RamboMC is een Nederlandse Minecraft server die huidig Oneblock EarthSMP aanbied als gamemodes. Wij hebben 50+ online spelers per dag, en zijn dan ook gedreven op het leveren van een unieke speelervaring. Wij zijn al sinds januari 2021 bezig, en hebb...


SERVER IP: [JUST RESET] MineHeroes Server Gamemodes: - [NEW] OneBlock - Survival SMP - Factions - SkyBlock / OPSkyBlock - Prison - Creative - 1v1 PvP Duels / OPPVP - Daily Weekend Events [Version 1.7- 1.16+/LATEST] Join thousands of players daily @ How t...


Built on a community as old as Minecraft itself, SMPMC has existed in various forms over the years. The administration and moderation have over 50 years of combined MC experience from all angles and playstyles, and we strive to create and preserve an environment where any adventurer can thrive.


Kingdoms Crusade is a fun, friendly, and active SMP server with ever-growing kingdoms to join! It has a good financial backing meaning it's not going to go away any time soon and has been going for a respectable time.

259Vyxel MC

Ready for a new adventure? Weve got you covered! Welcome to Vyxel. Whats so good about us you ask? Well where to start our server is: -Semi vanilla SMP -1.14 -Community orientated -Economy inclusive -Daily rewards -Grief prevention ready -Aussie based -And more! We strive to bring you together wi...


FactorZero is a freely hosted server by Minehut. An SMP factions from nations to choose from! Or create your own.. Raid different countries and factions, get all the goodies from your enemy factions! Make a team of your own and become the best faction out of FactorZero! Or make a team to go on ex...

297EpicSMP - Public SMP

EpicSMP is a public SMP server with no land claiming! A Minecraft server, public SMP with no claims and 1.17 Vanilla PvP gamemode!


Total Freedom is a decade-old server where players are free to explore, build, and chat with each other in a free-choice environment. All players have access to a variety of plugins including WorldEdit, Guilds, and Bending! We also use our own custom plugin, TotalFreedomMod, to allow all players ...


Delphicraft is among the best minecraft servers, combining factions, survival and mcMMO for a unique minecraft multiplayer experience. Building on SMP and survival servers, Delphicraft adds the best from minecraft factions with a simple menu-based system giving you complete protection and control...

347SqueejCraft Pro

SqueejCraft.Pro is a hard difficulty, semi-vanilla SMP server built by (and for) a community of Minecraft enthusiasts, designed to respect Mojang's vision by ensuring that the raw vanilla experience remains in-tact without sacrificing server functionality or gameplay quality. Along with our m...

376Endless SMP

ENDLESS SMP is a Towny based PvP server with community, teamwork, clans, and weekly wars. We have a 5k by 5k world border and live map to promote PvP. PvE is also encouraged! Use McMMO to grind skills or custom abilities and /sell hand to make money so that you can expand your town. Come over and...


PlagueMC is a SMP Minecraft community which has been built on the foundations of friends and staff who have come together from other servers to share their creations and experiences. We don't believe in editing the base game too much - Nonetheless we have added some enhancement plugins to imp...

445Funcraft serveri FIN

Suomalainen Minecraft serveri. 1.9-1.18.2 Auki 20h/piv Maailmat: Survival: Tavallinen turvallinen survival. -Vaikeus: Vaikea -Mobit eivät tuhoa palikoita -Tavaraluettelo silyy kuoleman jälkeen -Voit hankkia toita (/jobs) -Voit ostaa ja myydä tavaroita serverin kaupassa (/shop) -Alueiden suojaus: ...

466Aussie Hermitcrabs

Description: Aussie Hermitcrabs is a Hermit Craft-style semi-vanilla SMP based in Australia. Weve recently started a new world for 1.18 so were looking for some new members to kick off a new adventure with. The new world has a communal village inside a ring of mountains, some shops (and a diamond...

471IllusiveMC Survival

World Restart for Season 3, Jan 20th. Join the discord for more info: IllusiveMC is a Non-Vanilla Minecraft SMP Server. Our Server has features like mcMMO, Voting Crates, VeinMiner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so ...


The TGForever server is an SMP survival server targeted at teenagers and young adults, with features such as toggle PVP and an engaging community! Join us today!

492DreamyMC (Dream SMP li...

Inspired by Dream SMP. Now on 1.16.5! Come join the best Semi Vanilla Survival Server! We are a non-hub server that offers a quick start to play multiplayer survival in a single player-like setting and run a high end server to ensure there is no lag. Survival has never been easier to start, you c...


Vanilla SMP with near 0 members. We would appreciate it if you could join our server! We have teams and sometimes wars.

510Diamond Network

Newb-friendly server that's mostly a vanilla SMP. We've got mini-games and events as well. Join us for casual gameplay and stay for the banter. We look forward to playing with you!

546BrutalTown SMP

Fun Public SMP! Just launched in November 2021! Be one of our first players! JOIN NOW! JOIN NOW! Just launched in November 2021! Be one of our first players! Fun Public SMP!


Welcome to FlightSMP FlightSMP is a semi-vanilla survival server that allows anyone to play. We are new and are constantly changing. We dont tolerate griefers, stealers, or hackers. We are a small SMP with many plugins such as: TreeFeller - trees break from one block Grief Prevention - your build...


How do I find the Best SMP Minecraft Servers?

Since there are so many Minecraft SMP servers around the world to choose from, you're probably asking yourself how do you know where you can get the Best SMP Minecraft Servers? Here you can find SMP servers sorted by a number of connected players and votes, you can also vote for Minecraft Servers and claim in-game rewards.