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Welcome to FourLeaf, the ultimate Classic Survival SMP server where you'll embark on a unique and unparalleled survival experience in the world of Minecraft!

At FourLeaf, we strive to create an easy-to-understand server that offers a refreshing twist on traditional survival gameplay. We've carefully curated a collection of features and enhancements that will make your journey with us truly extraordinary.

Prepare to be amazed by our custom fishing system, where you'll discover a wide array of rare and exotic fish. Engage in thrilling fishing challenges, unlock special rewards, and showcase your angling skills like never before. Delve deep into the mines with our custom mining experience, where you'll unearth precious resources and uncover hidden treasures that will elevate your survival journey to new heights.

Embark on over 1000 quests that will test your skills, challenge your problem-solving abilities, and lead you to remarkable rewards. Immerse yourself in an epic adventure as you unravel the mysteries of FourLeaf and become a true survivor.

Explore the enigmatic BlackMarket, a haven for traders and collectors alike. Uncover rare items, strike lucrative deals, and build your personal wealth in this thriving marketplace. Whether you're seeking powerful artifacts or unique items, the BlackMarket has something for every discerning adventurer.

Our server is free to play, ensuring that all players can join in on the fun and excitement. Our dedicated and friendly staff members are always ready to assist you and ensure a welcoming and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Engage in thrilling PvE battles in our custom-designed arenas, where you can test your combat skills and battle against formidable foes. Claim victory and reap the rewards that await those who prove themselves in the heat of battle.

Don't forget to log in daily to claim your exclusive rewards and bonuses. We appreciate your dedication and want to ensure you're rewarded for your commitment to the FourLeaf community.

So, if you're ready to embark on an extraordinary survival adventure like no other, join us at FourLeaf and become part of our community of cool survivors. Immerse yourself in our world, uncover its secrets, and forge lasting friendships along the way.

Experience the magic of FourLeaf—where Classic Survival SMP meets unparalleled features and a welcoming community. Join us now and let the adventure begin!

FourLeaf Statistics

Where can I find the IP address for the FourLeaf Minecraft server?

To locate the IP address for the FourLeaf Minecraft server, you can find it in the server info section, usually located in the top left corner of the server's website or server listing. There, you can copy the server address and use it to connect to the server. Additionally, you may find other useful information such as the Discord server, website, and more in the same section.

How do I join and play on the FourLeaf Minecraft server?

To join and play on the FourLeaf Minecraft server, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Minecraft Launcher and click the "Play" button.
  2. From the main menu, select the "Multiplayer" option.
  3. Click the "Add Server" button to add the server to your server list.
  4. In the "Server Address" input field, paste the server address (play.fourleafsea.xyz) that you obtained earlier.
  5. Click "Done" to save the server information.
  6. Once the server connection is established and appears green in the server list, you can click "Join Server" to enter and start playing on the FourLeaf server.

Which Minecraft version is supported on the FourLeaf server?

The FourLeaf Minecraft server supports version 1.18.2. While it's possible to attempt joining with a different Minecraft version, it is recommended to use the 1.18.2 Minecraft client version for optimal compatibility and to fully enjoy all the features and gameplay offered by the server.