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When using Bukkit to run Minecraft servers, the server operator can add special plugins, extra features, and mods to make the server really unique. Bukkit also implements various optimizations to reduce lag and improve player expirience.

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Rank Name Server Players Status

Server is now 1.8 Craft Bukkit Faction PVP Raiding More Soon Follow us on facebook and Visit our site terraminingmc.com

334MyMinecraft - Enhanced...

li Monsters/Animals/PVP: Yes /li li Max Players: 200 /li li Server Mod: Bukkit /li li Active Forum!: http://www.myminecraft.com /li li TeamSpeak: myminecraft.com /li li http://maps.myminecraft.com/ to view our world /li li b Whitelist: No -- Simply read the rules while in gam...


SentinelCraft is a Bukkit server that started in May 2013. The server has very active and mature staff with years of experience and a dedicated player base. We have a well defined rule set to keep your time here friendly, enjoyable and fun! We have enough plugins to keep you entertained without m...

826Sunrise City Server

Welcome to Sunrise City Server! Versions: 1.17.1 - 1.19.2 (Main version is 1.17.1) Anyone is welcome! We are a small community that would like to expand. We are currently in development, so we are not complete as of yet. We have a kind and sociable community which would love to have new people! W...


Finally.. the vanilla server you've always wanted. Minedlands is a simple, friendly, community oriented vanilla server. Many servers claim to be vanilla or have that 'vanilla feel', but every one I tried crushed this hope as I became bombarded by colored text, huge buildings, and wall...

1035Anarchy MC | Sons of A...

Hello! I present to your attention Anarchy MC 1.19.2. This Minecraft server was created recently, it is just getting started. What can you see on our server? Pleasant gameplay with a beautiful world, good sociable atmosphere, beautiful design of the chat and TAB, and a special highlight of the se...


How do I find the Best Bukkit Minecraft Servers?

Since there are so many Minecraft Bukkit servers around the world to choose from, you're probably asking yourself how do you know where you can get the Best Bukkit Minecraft Servers? Here you can find Bukkit servers sorted by a number of connected players and votes, you can also vote for Minecraft Servers and claim in-game rewards.