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Best 1.18.1 servers, browse top Minecraft servers running 1.18.1. Keep in mind that 1.18.1 Minecraft Servers can support multiple versions of Minecraft at the same time, but recommended to match your version with the one server is currently using.

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1498Tetan AnarchyTetan Anarchy

Tetan Anarchy is running Minecraft 1.18.1. This server is for players who enjoy the anarchy style of play. Create or destroy, it's up to you. ***********SEVER HAS BEEN UPDATED TO 1.15.2*************


ODD_Craft is running Minecraft 1.18.1. Welcome This server is a bit of a vanilla twist. I'm trying to keep the plugins as low -key and quality of lifeish as I can. Most features will be open right off the bat. I'm not big on rank locks and...


8b8t is running Minecraft 1.18.1. 8b8t Anarchy Server! Anarchy! Semi Vanilla! Hacks allowed! Play now! (IP: 8b8t.joingame.network) Have fun!