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Best 1.18.1 servers, browse top Minecraft servers running 1.18.1. Keep in mind that 1.18.1 Minecraft Servers can support multiple versions of Minecraft at the same time, but recommended to match your version with the one server is currently using.

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The TGForever server is an SMP survival server targeted at teenagers and young adults, with features such as toggle PVP and an engaging community! Join us today!

302Wolfsrudel Community

Eine kleine deutschsprachige Community welche stets offen fr neue Spieler ist. Im Server erwartet euch eine Survival Welt sowie eine Creative Plot Welt. Der Server beinhaltet ein Jobsystem sowie Land Claiming. Roleplay ist sehr gerne gesehen. Bei Fragen rund um den Server kannst du jederzeit eine...


Welcome to CruCraft, a more than a year and a half old server with an extended history now in 1.7.9! CruCraft offers the player a great faction PvP and Raiding experience, and a hybrid Kit PvP server if Faction's isn't your cup of tea. We also offer a hardcore Skyblock server with anti gr...

384Odyne Survival

Odyne Survival is a new community where players are free to do what they like. We have many plugins that range from Grief Prevention, to McMMO to ensure that everyone is having a nice time whilst being protected, a HUB and multiple gamemodes coming soon! We have kind staff who is almost always on...


Have you been looking for an Australian Server with No Lag, Excellent Permissions and a friendly, highly active community of players? Then GloCommunity is the server for you! At GloCraft, we strive to have that one thing other servers don't, which means you'll have great time! We offer a ...

585MCNSA Vanilla

MCNSA is a great community that has lasted over 4 years. Player vs. Environment, no griefing allowed. Claims, ranks, custom chat.

645Perfectt Escape Factio...

The is a new minecraft server hosted by Gagemalik, and the server is still being developed by Gagemalik and Tuper90. Anyone who joins in the early stages will be awarded with a few items given by Gagemalik and a thank you note for being a part of out server while it is in development! [VIP] They ...


Welcome to TrouvailleMC! (pronounced true-vay) We're a semi-survival server with economy, player/server shops, strong community with over 60 people on discord. To join the server you need to make a whitelist application at Minecraft Forums or Planet Minecraft because that's our main platf...

766Aussie Hermitcrabs

Description: Aussie Hermitcrabs is a Hermit Craft-style semi-vanilla SMP based in Australia. Weve recently started a new world for 1.18 so were looking for some new members to kick off a new adventure with. The new world has a communal village inside a ring of mountains, some shops (and a diamond...

790The Hideout

***New World*** Since 2018 The Hideout has been a collaborative community of mature adults. Noobs and new players welcome: If you can read a wiki and are old enough to drive, we want you! The owner is obsessed with running a stable, reliable server free of bugs, lag and children. Redstone / auto ...


Here at Helix we're truly diverse, playing host to players from many walks of life. We reach people from Hawaii all the way to Singapore, cultivating a server with energy that allows players to play the game however they like! As such, our server is fueled with creativity that gives rise to r...


Just a small server with really strict server permissions, if you want to become a user please email me at minecraft.laratechs.com so I can add permissions as we prevent griefing on join.


We are a newly opened Creative server, and are looking for players to come and have some fun with us~! We have a small, but friendly community of people, and nice staff. ^_^ (Do not ask for staff as soon as you join, at least play)

1142Sword Craft Online 24/7

Sword Craft Online is the New server you are waiting for! This server is 24/7! We need staffs ENCHANT YOUR ITEMS! UP TO LVL 1000 OP RAID FACTIONS!


Come play 1.18 SURVIVAL! We have CUSTOM ITEMS, EVENTS, LORE and a GREAT COMMUNITY! Wildwoods has an evolving storyline taking place with public events and stories to discover! Voting for our server gives you VOTE KEYS in which you can unlock a range of items! These includes BLOCKS, INGOTS, CUSTOM...