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Best 1.12 servers, browse top Minecraft servers running 1.12. Keep in mind that 1.12 Minecraft Servers can support multiple versions of Minecraft at the same time, but recommended to match your version with the one server is currently using.

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Plots? What about WORLDS? On our server, each player automatically receive his own world(s)! Worlds sizes are dynamic starting from 320x320(map width in blocks!) for players up to 3248x3248 and more for for the higher ranks. Worlds are configurable: You can add member, set it public/private, choo...

452Skuad Network

Hello all! Looking for a small community oriented Minecraft server? Well youve come to the right place! Skuad Network offers two gamemodes that seem to go hand in hand, Econ Survival and Creative Plots! What are you waiting for? Join us today! Discord: discord.io/skuadnetwork IP: mc.Skuad.org Sto...


Welcome to VeltPvP We currently Offer: - HCF - Practice - Kit Map - Crates - Active Staff Come Join! IP: veltpvp.com Website: http://veltpvp.com Store: http://store.veltpvp.com Teamspeak: ts.veltpvp.com

1022EpicMC Rocks

A unique platform where you learn coding with Minecraft! Use a drag/drop paradigm to connect blocks together to create your own mods! Create minigames or play some of ours.

1066PPMC Network

PPMC boasts a custom Pixelmon Team based survival experience, now with Biomes O Plenty! Featuring, Shiny starters, custom joinable teams, weekly official tournaments, friendly staff, and unique vote shop. PPMC also offers a custom adventure map Pokemon region called Arivium. This region features ...