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Check out new Minecraft Servers on our list. New servers that were just recently added to the server list include brand new servers as well as older servers that were not listed before. Most of the new servers are looking for new staff members, especially if they were just released.

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New server megaplanet was added 2 months ago. quero jogar minecraft no batalhe biud porque vi o jazz jogoar e vi que esse servidor e bom e tem esse jogos por isso quero jogoar

1725Solaris PixelmonSolaris Pixelmon

New server Solaris Pixelmon was added 2 months ago. Friendly Server with a lot of new things! - Shiny Starter - New Solarian Pokemon - Events - Shop - Gyms " Being Added" Discord: Discord:

2834Spartacus LegacySpartacus Legacy

New server Spartacus Legacy was added 2 months ago. 10 year anniversary remake of an classic minecraft prison style server. Roman themed with elegant builds and fun/fast paced pvp. Factions installed to group up with your friends to take on the Em...


New server SkyBlueMC was added 2 months ago. Servidor basado en Modalidades de Supervivencia y PvP, los eventos del servidor se avisan siempre mediante el discord del Servidor.


New server Anarchanium was added 2 months ago. Note: I am not the Server Owner, but I have been given express permission to post this here by the server owner, Akunahten Message from the Server Owner: This server has been a project long awaited to...


New server SkyCraft was added 2 months ago. SkyCraft is a new and upcoming server! Join the server and have a good time meeting new people who love SkyBlock and having fun! We have custom and exciting plugins

2817Cave & ToolsCave & Tools

New server Cave & Tools was added 2 months ago. A Semi-Vanilla Server with Minigames and a Player Based Shop World! Custom Spawn, Custom Vote Crates! Helpful Community. Anti Grief land claim! Events and MUCH MORE! (Some Custome Plugins made by...

2815Terrible Fates FactionsTerrible Fates Factions

New server Terrible Fates Factions was added 2 months ago. A fun, no holds-barred type faction server with no rules except enjoy yourself. For friends who want to play survival with the boys, or girls, with some added quality of life touches. WARN...

403Ruins Kit PvpRuins Kit Pvp

New server Ruins Kit Pvp was added 2 months ago. A ancient Ruins style KitPvp for fun fighting and cool ranks and kits! Kill People to get money and use that money to purchase enchantments, ranks, and kits! Looking for new players to Pvp!

2804Revils NetworkRevils Network

New server Revils Network was added 2 months ago. Welcome to Revils Network, This is a practice server where you can pvp on and have fun! A little bit about the server: The server just started season 5.0 of our practice which has a lot in it! We h...

2800Gamenight MinecraftGamenight Minecraft

New server Gamenight Minecraft was added 2 months ago. Survival server with great people! You should have a good sense of humour if you want to join. We allow any types of farms, and our rules are pretty relaxed. You should be 18+ to join! We have...

1222Cosmic serverCosmic server

New server Cosmic server was added 2 months ago. Come join my 24/7 survival server! everyone is welcome! Make your own house, play with other people, fight the ender dragon with friends and more! Version: 1.13.2


New server Lawless.Games was added 2 months ago. CREATIVE!! 1.15.2 NEW SERVER WANT PLAYERS JOIN! -----------------------------------------------------------


New server SkyPvP was added 2 months ago. SkyPvP is a new server with many new things to come and try out, make friends, talk with our friendly staff, enjoy your time. We hope you enjoy your time on our server.


New server Goldenplex was added 2 months ago. This server is a survival server but different! It has 32k enchanted items! I am currently adding more plugins every day so come and join!


New server BreakoutINC was added 2 months ago. BreakoutINC is a new Minecraft Prison Network. We have Skyblock, Prison, and Creative. The network is custom coded and full of custom builds, come join this unique experience. Come join our server and...

2776Eternal RealmsEternal Realms

New server Eternal Realms was added 2 months ago. Welcome to Eternal Realms! We here at Eternal Realms are dedicated to create an amazing community that you can come join us on and play to your hearts content, where everyones voice is heard and li...

1324Blitz SurvivalBlitz Survival

New server Blitz Survival was added 2 months ago. Welcome to our server! We recently opened over the quarantine and would love to widen our reach with the help of this website. We mainly focus on economy survival, but will soon be opening a PvP wo...

1720Survival Of The FittestSurvival Of The Fittest

New server Survival Of The Fittest was added 2 months ago. This Server is an mcmmo survival server, using LOOTCRATES, DAILY REWARDS, RANKS and lots of other stuff!

904Rose BSBRose BSB

New server Rose BSB was added 2 months ago. ------------------------------------------------Rose--------------------------------------------------

1259The Uncensored LibraryThe Uncensored Library

New server The Uncensored Library was added 2 months ago. The Uncensored Library. [1.14.4] Come learn about the history. The #1 Hated Server among Governments Site: IP:


New server BlobCraft was added 2 months ago. This server isn't ready but i'm looking for testers. It has creative, skyblock, and survival along with about 40 plugins. If you have any suggestions or find any issues please tell me. Version: ...

2752Beans CraftBeans Craft

New server Beans Craft was added 2 months ago. BeansCraft MC Server We are a small survival server looking to find more players to join our community and help us grow. The server has many features essential to Minecraft survival, however we try to...

217Project ValianceProject Valiance

New server Project Valiance was added 2 months ago. Project Valiance A Minecraft Building Endeavor What is Project Valiance? Project Valiance is an attempt to make a server for creative minds in Minecraft to express their own approach in Minecraft...


New server DangerWars was added 2 months ago. Whitelisted. Will fill out when launching. Thank you........................................................................................................................................................