New Minecraft Servers List

Check out new Minecraft Servers on our list. New servers that were just recently added to the server list include brand new servers as well as older servers that were not listed before. Most of the new servers are looking for new staff members, especially if they were just released.

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New server was added 1 month ago. - Custom OPFactions, Skyblock, and more! DG Minecraft is a fresh new server ready to welcome new and old players to a place where the players always come first. Our server f...

1795Meridian NetworkMeridian Network

New server Meridian Network was added 1 month ago. Meridian Network has been in development for several months now, and we want the players to have the best experience as possible, with several different game modes, Towny, Skyblocks, and Survival ...


New server MT was added 1 month ago. Een Real Life server. Waar je je eigen leven kan opbouwen en Miljonair kan worden. of word jij Crimineel en ga jij de maffie Beginnen


New server SkyBlockCC was added 1 month ago. Teamwork isn't just practiced at SkyBlockCC - it's perfected. We make each day great, together. We create an exciting gaming atmosphere with a culture focused on fun and community SkyBlock 1.8.8...


New server mcBanished was added 1 month ago. mcBanished is a new minecraft server that offer lots of fun gamemodes such as Survival, Factions and SkyBlock we have custom made maps and plugins! check us out! ip: Discord: https:/...

1791Proximity NetworkProximity Network

New server Proximity Network was added 1 month ago. Our community is built around the Twitch Community. Many players know each other from livestream chats, or other games. Our games include Survival and Parkour. In addition to the games listed, we...


New server WaveCraft was added 1 month ago. A minecraft Survival server with a great community in the build and great plugins that can be found below! Why not come on by and check us out Why not check our discord out also

1619Unknown LandsUnknown Lands

New server Unknown Lands was added 1 month ago. New server and looking for people that want to play and grow along with the server! Kind staff and fun events! Soon adding a vote system for more loot! Join now and fast, FIRST 5 PLAYERS TO PLAY FOR ...

770Ilu Ambar - Quenta ArdaIlu Ambar - Quenta Arda

New server Ilu Ambar - Quenta Arda was added 1 month ago. A LOTRmodded minecraft server providing a gameplay environment aimed at long-term immersive roleplay survival, with focus on custom in-character roleplay, building, PvE and consented PvP, f...


New server Wolvhaven was added 1 month ago. Wolvhaven is teh best minecarft for minecraft subway. This sever has amazing big subway. It has good crative suvival mode


New server Jessri was added 1 month ago. iuiuiuuiiuiiuiuiuiuuiuiuiuuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiiuiuiiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuuiiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiui


New server Atrix was added 1 month ago. We have four custom made worlds in total! so you can play anyone of these, Toxic will consist of magic and spells playing as witches and wizards in a kingdom run faction server with buy-able perks. Vanilla w...


New server Minewool was added 1 month ago. Minewool is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be for the players. Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed to be transparent. Designed for all. Features: - SurvivalOP - KitPVP - HCF...


New server Ragnarok was added 1 month ago. A relaxing yet fun Minecraft experience. Jobs, Money, Banking, and Auctions. Anti-griefing and more!


New server Amaranthus was added 1 month ago. Welcome to the Amaranthus family We are a community focused , mature survival server with players from all over the globe spanning from america to Europe to Australia and beyond! to prevent grief and to...


New server Opticraft was added 1 month ago. Opticraft was established as a Minecraft Classic server in 2010 and has since grown into a Survival and Creative server. The Opticraft Network utilises custom plugins to link the servers and provide a un...


New server BuildCraftMC was added 1 month ago. BuildCraftMC We Are A Minecraft Server That Has Mainly Minigames, The Staff Team Is Active And Ensures That The Best Possible Experience Occurs On Our Server We Have -Creative -The Bridge -Lucky Race ...


New server LightspeedMC was added 1 month ago. LightspeedMC is a unique survival server focused on remaining true to Minecraft's roots, with vanilla-esque gameplay and a friendly community. Our goal is to provide an engaging environment for yo...


New server HowlMC was added 1 month ago. HowlMC is an inclusive, quality driven community with friendly people and dedicated staff. Released in mid-2018, our family continues to grow and prosper with beautiful builds, engaging events, and a core t...

523The HideoutThe Hideout

New server The Hideout was added 1 month ago. ***New World*** Since 2018 The Hideout has been a collaborative community of mature adults. Noobs and new players welcome: If you can read a wiki and are old enough to drive, we want you! The owner is ...


New server ZioN-Craft was added 1 month ago. Ultimate survival experience, and also few minigames for variety. Plugins include: new mob throwing mechanic, custom enchantments, new crafting recipes, harder mobs with better loot, daily crates and re...


New server Cybermine was added 1 month ago. driver en spelserver av det nylanserade spelet Minecraft! Servern startade tidigt i mars 2011 och stderna har fortsatt vxa sedan dess! P servern s finns det tre delar att beska och det r frs...

1428Gumbysquad MCGumbysquad MC

New server Gumbysquad MC was added 1 month ago. A simple survival minecraft server running 1.13. Running Spigot with: Essentials Griefprotection No griefing please, and keep chat clean. Join us as we build up a community!


New server VenomTexas was added 1 month ago. Minecraft Survival & Fun Please Join Us for Vanilla Minecraft & Learning, Be Friendly or be Banned


New server MCTraveler was added 1 month ago. We have two maps for new and old players! Welcome to MCTraveler Survival where the focus is classic gameplay. Claiming and teleportation allowed but not much else! There is no pay to win and we have bee...