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Find Best Minecraft Servers hosted in Singapore. Server location can affect your latency, the closer the server host or location is to you, the lower your ping will be. For example if you're from Singapore you will have good ping on Minecraft servers hosted in Singapore.

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MeinKraft is hosted in Singapore. MeinKraft is a survival server designed to be easy and fun to be innovative, and build a place where you and your friends can call home. We are not a pay-to-win server. Donations are welcomed, but donators only ge...


KaizerCraft is hosted in Singapore. Private Mine-craft Server, Online: 24/7 Location: Singapore Slot: 100 IP: kaizercraft.no-ip.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kaizercraft/ Skype: kaizercraft Donation paypal: [email protected] A...


Alterra is hosted in Singapore. No wipe Building server. server is running over 2 years with a great friendly builder community. Hope you will have a great time on Alterra

561Null NetworkNull Network

Null Network is hosted in Singapore. Null Network is a survival server that focuses on becoming a unique survival experience. Using a resourcepack we created, we made unique weapons and mobs that seperates us from other servers! Features: - Unique...

874ChopeMC NetworkChopeMC Network

ChopeMC Network is hosted in Singapore. ChopeMC is a Premium Minecraft Server which specializes, but isn't limited to making a truly unique survival experience for players who are tired and bored of playing vanilla Minecraft.


SGCraft is hosted in Singapore. Fancy an almost vanilla and cracked server? SGCraft is the place to be. We are a new server set up in July 2019 and will be expanding! If you are unable to connect, please use the ip play2.sgcraft.net instead!

1130All the Mods 7All the Mods 7

All the Mods 7 is hosted in Singapore. All the Mods 7 free server , you're allow to do anythings in this server . I bought the server just for fun, whenever modpack updated my server do so pls check your modpack if u cant join . FREEDOM

1617The Waste LandsThe Waste Lands

The Waste Lands is hosted in Singapore. Want to become a warrior? Maybe even a miner? Or a Builder? Architect? Trader? Mayor? President? King? Join us, make your own story. And leave some history. Welcome to The Waste Lands