Minecraft Servers in New Zealand

Find Best Minecraft Servers hosted in New Zealand. Server location can affect your latency, the closer the server host or location is to you, the lower your ping will be. For example if you're from New Zealand you will have good ping on Minecraft servers hosted in New Zealand.

Find Minecraft Servers in New Zealand

Rank Name Server Players Status

This Server has Creative and Survival and you can level up to get commands and etc. There is: 0.Hobo 1.Noob 2.Memeber 3.CoolDude 4.Elite 5.Mod 6.CoOwner 7.Owner which is impossible to get, We are working on the website now and if you wish to make a suggestion or an complaint then email: [email...

527CTEC World

No1. Fun Fun Fun NZ Server, Survival, Start from the sea, make it to land to start your adventure. Disguise your self as anything. This survival at it best.


IP: mc.gabbage.net Website: https://gabbage.net/ Gabbage is pretty much the same as that nostalgic server everyone used to play on when they first started (at least that's the goal). Nothing too fancy, just some basic plugins to make everything a bit smoother. The goal of the server is just t...


NZnetwork Minecraft - Minecraft servers running since 2010! Address: nzminecraft.com OR minecraft.nznetwork.co.nz We also have a discord! https://discord.gg/sw4GZvW We have multiple worlds AND servers consisting of... UHC Build Battle World edit Creative Freebuild/creative Survival Hardcore - 2 w...