Minecraft Servers in India

Find Best Minecraft Servers hosted in India. Server location can affect your latency, the closer the server host or location is to you, the lower your ping will be. For example if you're from India you will have good ping on Minecraft servers hosted in India.

Find Minecraft Servers in India

Rank Name Server Players Status

Welcome To GhostCraft. Yet Another Survival Experience! Need Youtubers Worthy Staff, And Interested Players GameModes Survival BedWars The Pit Arcade Games Skyblock

858potato army

hello player our server name is potato army we have:- auto ranks economy cool ranks no real money is needed no donations banks custom enchantments crates etc everything is free and with ingame money no need of real money! join our server and say #potato to get 2 crate keys and 10,000$ in-game money!

1037mystery smp

welcome to my cracked smp there is a bonus first to get full nethtrite armour will get access to start my server +(bonus)