Minecraft Servers in Estonia

Find Best Minecraft Servers hosted in Estonia. Server location can affect your latency, the closer the server host or location is to you, the lower your ping will be. For example if you're from Estonia you will have good ping on Minecraft servers hosted in Estonia.

Find Minecraft Servers in Estonia

Rank Name Server Players Status

Me esitleme teile SeffCrafti. SeffCraft on Eesti server mille loojaks on Seff300. Serveris me pakume teile nelja erinevat mngumoodi BedWars, Defence, SkyWars ja Survival. Ning meil saab ka hletades serveri poolt Survivali kasti vtmeid kust saab hid asju. Serveri omanik on Seff300 Foorum: foorum.s...

1159Toxic Rabbits Eng/Est ...

Welcome to Toxic Rabbits your ultimate survival experience! 1. PvP is On, Griefing is not allowed on claimed land! 2. Ask Helper or higher ranks to claim land for you! 3. Do not build near spawn! Use /rtp 4. Automated farms and xpfarms are not allowed! 5. Dont use CAPS. 6. Total freedom of expres...