Minecraft Adventure Servers

Minecraft Adventure servers are designed for real lovers of story maps or mini-games. On Adventure servers, players can’t collect or place blocks but are still able to craft items and fight monsters in this mode. Such restrictions are necessary for special Adventure world to protect server world against griefers.

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1387Happy-HG NetworkHappy-HG Network

Happy-HG Network is tagged as Adventure server. Home of the most original SkyBlock, Parkours and Mini-Games, the Happy-HG Network is a fun and unique playing experience! Join mc.happy-hg.com to begin your adventure!

1406Modded NetworkModded Network

Modded Network is tagged as Adventure server. Performance! Performance is an important to us, we are always looking ways to improve on it.So, you don't need to worry about bad performance! Friendly A friendly community that help each other, la...

1469Scavenger Craft PVPScavenger Craft PVP

Scavenger Craft PVP is tagged as Adventure server. Factions Server - JUST RESET Scavenger Craft is a unique Factions Server that has been running for over three years. We run on top of the line hardware, DDoS protection, and server features. Our u...


AdventureTimePvP is tagged as Adventure server. Official AdventureTimePvP Minecraft Server! Get ready for the adventure of your life today and join our Community! Inside you can find: - Crates - Cosmetics - Vehicles - Kit PvP - Free Ranks - PvP - ...


YeetSMP is tagged as Adventure server. AYE its a FRESH BIOME WAR server with a custom map and 4 biomes to choose from! We start on 26.11.2021 so if its not that day yet CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (ManBoy#1934) to secure your spot in this adventure! If ...


Aevilion is tagged as Adventure server. CityLife update! --------------------------------- After a lot of hard work, and help from the community. We can happly announce the CityLife update! CityLife introduces Helia City. Helia City has more to of...

1540Cydonia Servers PVECydonia Servers PVE

Cydonia Servers PVE is tagged as Adventure server. Welcome to Cydonia! We are a team of dedicated players, both survival and creative, who are working to give you the best Minecraft experience available! We offer both survival and creative. Some o...

1568Adventure CraftAdventure Craft

Adventure Craft is tagged as Adventure server. Adventure Craft is a brand new faction vanilla server in 1.16.1. Our chats are PG 13. We aim to be a welcoming and fun community where you feel at home! Please review our rules on our discord before j...


CursedMC is tagged as Adventure server. The Cursed Community A Minecraft Server Community... Gamemodes: Cursed Skyblock - An entirely custom, non-P2W adaptation of the classic Skyblock server. Cursed Survival - Difficulty: Insane. Battle intelli...

1635Extreme FactionsExtreme Factions

Extreme Factions is tagged as Adventure server. Extreme Factions - PvP And Raids! Join For An Awesome Adventure! Awesome Ranks And Perks! JOIN NOW! Extreme Factions is a Uk PvP, Raids And Faction Server! The Server Is Brand New! Join if you love p...

1675Just Add BaconJust Add Bacon

Just Add Bacon is tagged as Adventure server. Just Add Bacon is about adding bacon to everything...and having fun on Minecraft 1.8! Just Add Bacon Network currently has: Creative - 48x48 AND 128x128 plots. WorldEdit VoxelSniper available! "...

1694HomeCraft SurvivalHomeCraft Survival

HomeCraft Survival is tagged as Adventure server. Welcome to HomeCraft Survival! Your adventure begins in Vanderlynn Hills, a laid-back town with no two mile long spawn area you have to navigate through or hundreds of signs and options to choose f...


NaturisCraft is tagged as Adventure server. If you're looking for an adventure-filled survival server then you've found it! NaturisCraft is a survival-focused server with custom plugins, amazing world generation and lots of features to kee...


CubeAdventureNetwork is tagged as Adventure server. CubeAdventureNetwork Towny Svensk minecraft server med Jobs/minigames och en massa mera saker =) Vi hoppas att f se dig dr inne s du kan gra en skillnad de lgg till massor med roliga saker =)


PinkLotusPrison is tagged as Adventure server. PinkLotusPisons is prisons like you have never seen it before, with unique mines, cool enchantments and a lot of big stuff coming up this server is going to give you an adventure. Start by mining in t...


JailBreakMC is tagged as Adventure server. Like a good grind? JailBreakMC is just for you! Join now and start the long road to prestige. JailBreakMC is a GRINDY non-OP/hardcore style prison server with a unique experience. - Upgrade-able Cells w/ ...


GameRebelSMP is tagged as Adventure server. 100 years have passed since... "The Great Calamity". A long forgotten civilization, abandoned since the event. Now flourishing with new life and adventurers. All out war happend and nukes were ...


PixelPrison is tagged as Adventure server. An OP prison server like you have never seen before. Brand new server with riveting gameplay! Join today to start your prison break adventure! IP: Pixelprison.site


ElixirPvP is tagged as Adventure server. *** ElixirPvP Skyblock *** [!] Information: IP: Play.ElixirPvP.us Store: Store.ElixirPvP.us Discord: https://discord.gg/SrWbZmj (( Join ElixirPvP and Start Your Adventure Today! ))


Endeavour is tagged as Adventure server. Welcome to Endeavour! Endeavour is a small server that aims to grow a friendly mature (18+) community for people to have fun in and feel comfortable and safe. It is a vanilla server with a couple added twea...

1960Obsidian Cities MC ServerObsidian Cities MC Server

Obsidian Cities MC Server is tagged as Adventure server. Building and adventure server. Locks, economy, shops, /home, and owner restricted building areas.


How do I find the Best Adventure Minecraft Servers?

Since there are so many Minecraft Adventure servers around the world to choose from, you're probably asking yourself how do you know where you can get the Best Adventure Minecraft Servers? Here you can find Adventure servers sorted by a number of connected players and votes, you can also vote for Minecraft Servers and claim in-game rewards.